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New Dating App Makes You Snap A Selfie Before You Can Chat With Your Match

San Francisco, November 2015Blume, a location-based dating application that facilitates communication between two users, while eliminating ‘catfishing’ by only allowing matched users to chat after a fun selfie matching process.
1. Blume (white)

The app allows users to anonymously like another user by swiping right in the hopes of matching or by swiping left to show disinterest. If two users like one another the app will then “connect” the users and begin the selfie matching.

The selfie matching forces the two matched users to snap a selfie of themselves that can only can be seen once both users have sent each other a selfie. In order to take the selfie, users will have to use the camera from within the app, stopping users from uploading fake or old photos from their camera roll. Once both users have sent each other a selfie, the selfies will be revealed to the users for seven seconds, at which point the selfies will then disappear forever.

Only after both users accept each other’s selfies will the app then allow the users to begin chatting. Also, you can place a text on the selfie, which works as an excellent ice-breaker, since the text is automatically transferred into the chat if they match, thus getting the conversation going straight away.

Another security feature put in place for users to feel safe while using the app is the Facebook connect measure. Users must connect to the app through their Facebook accounts, making it more difficult to create a fake profile. Users can then edit what information is visible on their Blume profile.

If a user screenshots a conversation, or picture, or anything within the app, the system will immediately be notified and will issue the user with a warning, as well as a 2- hour ban from the app. If the user screenshots again, they will be banned for seven days. The third offence is punishable by a 30-day ban and should the user do this action a fourth time, they will be permanently banned from the platform.

“Blume provides an environment where you can meet new people in a modern, interactive and safe way,” says 21 year old CEO & Co-founder Daniel Delouya. “Women, especially, tell us that for the first time ever they feel safe on a dating app by not having to worry about catfishing. That is partly why 65% of users who match actually initiate a conversation. Blume creates a platform where people can actually meet real people.”

About Blume

Blume was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by Daniel Delouya,, Umar Akram and Simon Benfeldt. The founders wanted to solve the uncertainty of meeting through dating apps often caused by people making fake profiles and using outdated pictures. Their mission is to create an environment for people to connect with other in a modern, interactive and safe way.

Daniel Delouya – CEO

Umar Akram – COO

Simon Benfeldt – CTO

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